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Philosophy & Offerings

Brilliant solutions for horse & rider get us really excited! We love to share them with you!

From new technologies and advances in tack to natural superfoods, what we offer are simply best solutions for horse & rider. We are a go to store when it comes to finding the newest innovations in equestrian products as well as longtime favorites.

By the time a product is offered by Just Equus, you can rest assured that it has been researched, tested, evaluated, and has proven its worth. We believe products should HELP and by that we mean, help a horse to heal or to recover; or a rider to ride safer, or perform at his best. We do not consider products, even popular ones, that may help performance but are detrimental to the welfare of the horse. (In supplements we do not agree that More & Stronger is necessarily better, and can often be detrimental in the long run). We believe that both Science & Nature can inform the best solutions for horse & rider and are excited to share them with you!

Questions we ask in our product research are…

How does this product help horse, pet, or person?

Does it help improve their health? ..comfort? ..healing? .. safety & protection?

Does it allow them to perform at their best?

Is it a beautiful design or simply have that delight factor?

Is it well made, well designed? Is it the best solution? Is it exceptional?

Where is it manufactured? What is it made of (especially supplements)? How is it made?

Is it Earth Friendly? We look for organic solutions. And we also look for best natural solutions such as the BugBrow or the Slow Feeder. Natural in that they allow the horse to live closer to their natural state.

Simple questions & criteria such as these help us to weed out the mediocre from the best.

There are ways we have organized our store so that individuals can, through their shopping choices, affect positive change. Buying ‘Made in the US’ products helps our economy and the people’s companies based here. Buying Green shifts market demand in a very positive direction. The small things we do can add up to a big and positive effect.

We also like to contribute in ways that may help improve the life of animals & people. Please see this link to read more about the causes we support.

We are in service to you!

We strive to make your shopping experience the best that it can be - know that you are selecting the best, at a great price, and with responsive fulfillment.

You, our Customer are our community.  We are focused on providing you with great products and with great service. Your thoughts, recommendations and experiences shared are very much appreciated and influence what we do. Please feel free to email or call us & connect up with us on the web!  We are listening!

Wishing you a harmonious & rewarding partnership with your horse,
Just Equus