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  • ColdFlex Compression Wraps are excellent for horses.
  • ColdFlex Wraps are excellent for people and highly recommended by physical therapists.

ColdFlex Compression Wrap

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COLDFLEX® Wraps combines the compression of an elastic bandage with cooling to deliver pain and swelling relief in one easy-to-use wrap.

COLDFLEX® is the superior choice if you want worry-free cooling!

The COLDFLEX® compression wraps are perfect for treating sprains, strains, tendon injuries, bucked shins, hematoma's, arthritis, stocking up, core temperature control* and various other veterinary problems. It is also used before strenuous exercise to keep swelling out and to tighten the muscles

COLDFLEX® Compression Wraps are made of stretchable polyurethane foam that is saturated with 96% water based gel that cools at room temperature. (It may also be refrigerated for a deeper cooling action.) The gel-imbedded wrap evaporates water to simultaneously provide moist, penetrating, cooling action and compression. The cooling effect lasts for hours and there is no danger of tissue damage from excessive cold as with the application of ice.

Unlike other self-cooling products on the market, COLDFLEX® is the only one that is water based , making it 100% irritation free and safe, even on abraded skin. Other "self-cooling" products are  alcohol based, which can cause surface blood vessels to dilate and actually increase the swelling. They also work via rapid evaporation, cooling only the top surface tissues, but having little effect on the deeper layers of muscle. COLDFLEX® however,  removes heat by evaporation, pulling heat from deep within the muscle tissues, while the compression helps reduce and prevent edema. And because COLDFLEX® is water based, the wrap requires only cool water to regenerate, making it VERY cost-effective.

Size is 3" x 72", single wrap.

Key Benefits of COLDFLEX® .

  • COOLS BY EVAPORATION - No Need to Freeze.
  • COOLS without risk of freeze-burn.
  • NO CHEMICALS, NO MESS - Non Toxic and Non-Irritating.

Ice, chemical packs, gel packs, cold-therapy units / pumping machines and alcohol-based cooling products are not the best cold therapy treatment for pain, swelling, hematoma's (bruises) heat exhaustion, hemophilia or other inflammation-related disorders in either humans or animals.

The "colder is better" concept is not the case and needs to be used judiciously;  (See Japan Study) as it has been shown that ice, cold-therapy pumps / units, gel and chemical packs can actually increase irritation, swelling and serious, nonreversible damage of the affected tissues if they are not applied appropriately. If this occurs, it increases the risk of further exacerbation of the skin and other soft-tissue injuries, often resulting in long-term damage to blood skin, vessels, tendons and both the superficial and deep muscle layers. (Many companies producing such continuous cooling / pumping devices are now being sued throughout the United States for causing irreversible damage.

Alcohol based products only provide "surface" cooling, and do not reduce the temperature of the deeper layers of muscle enough to be therapeutically beneficial.

These types of products often cause vasodilatation of the surface blood vessels thereby increasing irritation and swelling in the more superficial tissues as well as irritation of abraded or dry skin.

This is why COLDFLEX® has become the ideal cold-therapy solution for inflammation and swelling related injuries in both humans and animals. Experience the self-cooling technology of COLDFLEX® that is convenient, effective, reusable and affordable!

We also recommend the COLDFLEX® Blanket for every barn's emergency kit! The COLDFLEX® self-cooling blankets are fire retardant, withstanding temperatures just over 3500 degrees Fahrenheit!  If the need to make a safe escape from a fire, the COLDFLEX® Blanket will offer a temporary fire/heat barrier for your horse or yourself. 

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Coldflex Application Using the New Cotton Protective Sleeve (05:37)
Coldflex can be used directly on you or your horse without any protective barrier between the wrap and the skin or hair. But due to a number of show horses needing to use the wraps right before entering the ring and of course wanting to look as pristine as possible, there were issues with the gel sticking to horses' hair, making it a hassle to clean off. Although gel adhering to the hair is not common and is completely harmless, we listen to our customers and have therefore now created and included with each wrap a cotton barrier sleeve to place between the Coldflex wrap and the leg, resulting in a nice clean, gel-free application.
  • Coldflex Appli...
    Coldflex can be used directly on you or your horse without any...
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