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Corigem ® Serum Spray, 16oz

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Corigem® is an incredibly powerful yet gentle natural formula whose key ingredient is extracts from Brazilian Killer Bee Propolis.  For Horses, Pets, (& even People). 

Corigem® ® is a topical wound & infection care formula that is strong enough for horses, but gentle enough for your smaller pets. Corigem animal wellness products assist in the healing of a variety of dermatological and auto-immune skin conditions and is available in the form of a spray and cream. 

Corigem ® is harvested from the hives of the African Killer Bees (AKB) in Brazil. It is high in bioflavonoid and amino complexes. It is formulated with industry-leading ingredients that provide performance, purity and compatibility with your animal as well as the environment.

Corigem ® was created with the purpose of providing superior health products to the equine and companion animal markets. Corigem ® products have been shown to help wounds heal faster while minimizing the appearance of scars.  Corigem products are pH balanced and 100% natural. Corigem ® is manufactured in a cruelty-free and FDA approved facility and is endorsed by veterinarians, breeders, trainers, handlers, and professional groomers worldwide.(4) (5)

The wound and infection treatment products are completely non-toxic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. The products are environmentally friendly and safe. Corigem ® is easily applied to your horses, pets and animals. Corigem ® Animal Products is dedicated to the principles of the reinvestment into underdeveloped countries, and is in continual pursuit of renewable resources & ecological biodiversity through reinvestment in the Brazilian rural communities and the indigenous people who live there.

We test the health products we sell at Just Equus, and have found CORIGEM to be THE BEST product we have found, in fact it should be in everyone's Emergency Kit!   You may ask, "Why Killer Bee Propolis?  What is so special about it?"  It is believed that  Corigem's potency & incredible anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, & soothing healing properties is related to the high grade propolis harvested from the African killer bees from Brazil.  They do not pollinate commercial crops, but live at the edge of the the Brazil rainforest and gather their food from the wild forests!  This Killer Bee Propolis is completely free from environmental toxins such as lead, mercury and pesticides. The appearance of the African killer bee in Brazil combined with the unique biodiversity of this region results in an incredible synergy of nature. The combined result in propolis produces five times more bioflavonoids, amino acids and other complex medicinal compounds than propolis found anywhere else in the world. These unique natural ingredients are the key components that make Corigem® so powerful in the healing process.

Propolis is natures antibiotic, a natural protector, produced by bees for over 40 million years. It has been called "the strongest natural antiseptic known to man and kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact.  The healing properties of propolis come from a combination of resins and essential oils produced by bees to protect and sterilize the hive. These constituents interact with human and animal chemistry to soothe allergies and skin ailments, inhibit bacterial infection caused by burns, cuts, scrapes, hoof infections, and helps to build immunity for sore throats and respiratory problems.

Corigem® is safe to use on horses and is proven to show results for a number of skin ailments such as girth itch, saddle irritation, rain rot, ear and eye infections, hoof issues & thrush, dryland distemper and fungal irritations such as scratches and ringworm.  Note:  Just Equus has found it to be one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE YET GENTLE treatments for Hoof Thrush!

16oz Corigem ® Serum Spray



"As a veterinarian with 29 years experience, 15 of them practicing holistic medicine, and a formulator of botanical medicines for 10 years, and as a charter member of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association, I possess the credentials to be an accurate judge of other company's plant based products.

Corigem, which i have used in both spray and cream formulae, is an exciting new product that has made a large impact on my practice. I have used it on a variety of cases, both of primary skin disease and of internal medical maladies with skin manifestations.

In the majority of cases in helped the outcome dramatically. Skin lesions that have been present for many weeks in some cases, and resisted other treatments, started to heal soon after treatment commenced. Patient well-being also improved, as reported by the pets' owners. Safe if licked, it had a zero adverse reaction percentage, out of well over 200 cases treated.

Corigem is very easy to apply, especially to painful and irritated skin, because it is a spray. It does not sting even very raw lesions."

Animal Wellness Center

Dr. Burton Miller, DVM


"Recently I was approached by one of our daughters, Laurel Roberts. She told me about a product that she had discovered. Laurel said it would assist in curing of fungus, which attacks the heels of horses and also body fungus, a huge problem in the horse industry. Immediately, I set up a project to test this new and supposedly super product called Corigem®.

Throughout the course of my life I have been involved with many causes and often I have written that my life’s goal is to the leave the world a better place than I found it for horses and humans.  What better way could I work to meet my life’s goal than to encourage the use of a product that is as effective as Corigem® was purported to be and this is what I learned:

The scientists behind Corigem® have found a nature-made healing gift from a species that no one before seemed to appreciate: a species of very busy bees that will improve the lives of humans and animals together. Somehow nature finds a way to reward us in our quest for the truth, and the truth is that we need to return to the earth as much as we take.

Since I was a very young man, all animals have played an important role in my life. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with creating the best world possible for these wonderful partners. Clearly, a healthy animal is more likely to be happy than an unhealthy one. I am constantly testing supplements, medical aids and state-of-the-art equipment designed to improve the lives of animals.

In this research model with Corigem®, I reached out to the equine community to provide hard test cases of horses that acquired chronic heel and body fungus. It was amazing how many we found. These horses were compromised to the extent that any riding and training had to be curtailed as their affliction was totally debilitating.

One of the horses was a valuable eight-year-old dressage mare. She had acquired heel fungus, also known as scratches or mud fever two years prior. Everything had been tried, yet she remained in a chronic condition for more than 24 months. When her trial treatment with Corigem® cream began, I was encouraged right away, but completely astonished to find she had absolutely no sign of fungus with four days of application.

As I watched these conditions fade – and I tell you I am not one who believes in magic – but this experience was something you would expect from David Copperfield. The problem disappeared before my very eyes. Further horses were tested and all of the test horses have continued to be free of the fungus with very light ongoing prophylactic treatment. None of the fungus has returned with a total of 12 horses on test at my Flag Is Up Farms.

This experience immediately took my mind to problems with my own skin. At 76, as might be expected, I have developed certain sensitivities to shirt collars, probably from starch. I thought to myself, why not try it and began to apply Corigem® cream on the back of my neck and chest. To my amazement the sensitivity was gone within four to five days. I now use a tiny dab at night and there has been no further discomfort.

The truth is I never dreamed African killer bees had anything to offer us of a positive nature. The fact is Mother Nature knows what she is doing and each of earth’s creatures has a reason for being here. No creature is too small not to play a positive role in the lives of all animals. The healing properties of Corigem® are phenomenal, and whether it is horse, dog, cat or any animal, a cut or an abrasion will heal faster and leave less evidence of its existence than I’ve ever experienced.

The studies of Corigem® complete with photographs are literally overwhelming. Anyone reading this must be able to feel the extent of my excitement being connected with such an Eco-care and Eco-friendly product and the future that it promises. I am honored that this Company has chosen to accept my assistance and allow me to become a spokesperson worldwide for something as important as Corigem®"


Monty Roberts

Horseman and author of From My Hands to Yours and seven other books

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