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  • A True Modern Saddle Alternative, & one of the best bareback pads on the market today!
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  • A True Modern Saddle Alternative, & one of the best bareback pads on the market today!
  • This is Zero Gravity in his 4yr. old Baretek Pad.  Very nice!
'Z' is one of Dream Friesian's Stallions at Stud.  
their website is:  http://www.dreamfriesians.com/

English Baretek Pad

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The Baretek Pad is a saddle alternative for those days when you want to ride with closest contact, develop
your seat or simply go out on trail without all the equipment.  Riders find that it has more support in the cantle
and thigh blocks that helps maintain proper riding position and that the suede material is very grippy and
secure.  This stirrup-less "bareback-saddle" enhances horse/rider communication and encourages an
increase in the responsiveness to the aids.  It is a wonderful solution to relieve horses from saddle soreness.  
And it's flexibility enables it to fit most conformations.  A saddlepad is recommended, and sheepskin, Thinline
, EE
Backsaver pad
, Smart Panel or other therapeutic pads can be used on horses with muscle wastage or high

The English Baretek:

  • FIrst of all, if you want an ELEGANT bareback type pad,
    look no further.  This is a beautiful design.
  • The first training aid with Knee Rolls and Cantle which
    give better stability and security.

  • Black Suede Outer is attractive and incredibly grippy!  
    Soft wool felt underneath.
  • Cut Back front for withers.
  • Relieves your horse from saddle soreness.
  • Designed to help the English Rider maintain proper
    rider position.
  • Automatically adjusts to all types of Horse and Rider.  
  • For high withered horses, we recommend a
    Smart Panel, of Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Pad, then
    light cotton pad under Baretek.  

  • Billet System allows the use of a dressage girth.
  • D-Rings for optional breast plate attachment.  
  • Longer Flaps protect the Rider's legs.


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Product Reviews

  1. Pros & Cons 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2013

    I used it with a Smart Panel pad.

    Pros: Well made. Once it broke in and was adjusted properly, the horse liked it. It was very comfortable and gave me a very secure feeling (much more than a plain bareback pad).

    Cons: Like the description says, you can expect an extended break-in period. During that time, it seemed to pinch at the withers when you tightened the girth and it tended to slip back if the girth was too loose. Once the pad started to mold to the horse's back, these two problems improved. A breastplate might have helped too.

    Plan on using a longer girth or a girth extender. The billets are on the short side.

  2. Follow-up to "Pad too stiff for sway back horse" 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2013

    When I purchased the Baretek, Karen warned me that I would have to work it because it is stiff. What I didn't understand is how brutal I would have to be with it. I spent 45 minutes folding the pad every which way, stepping on it and putting my entire weight on it. Then I strapped it to a rocking chair with arms. Then I took a tie-down strap with a hook and reefed on the pommel area to make room for her wither. I left the contraption on the rocking chair for two weeks by the woodstove. Well Karen, I stuck with it. Yesterday I tried it on my mare with the saddle pad and sheepskin half pad I had used on the previous occasion. Finally, the cantle does not dig into her back. By having the whole Baretek now curved a bit it effectively shortened it making it fit better on the sheepskin. In order for the girth strap to be in the correct location, I am causing quite a bit of pressure on the wither. That is why I am only putting 3 stars rating for the moment. The Baretek is going back onto the rocking chair for some additional "persuasion". I sat on her today and unlike last time I was able to tighten everything enough to lunge her and sit on her without the saddle flipping around. I must say that the Baretek is very comfortable. Stay tuned for an update as we go through the break-in period. Hard to ride around here when it has been 0°F with ice lurking under the snow.

    Hi Sophie,
    Thanks for your update! Keep on it! You may find that even adding a Cashel Forelift Pad will help to disperse the pressure around the withers better than or in conjunction with the Sheepskin pad. Other great alternatives (a little more costly) are:
    My fav, the Smart Panel with standard fill - size Large or XLarge; the Skito Pad, or the Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Pad with Foam Inserts at shoulder area.. The best however for the sway-backed horse would be the Smart Panel. It is in our product line up. Best regards, Karen - Just Equus

  3. Baretek bareback pad too stiff for sway back horse 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jan 2013

    I borrowed a used Baretek bareback pad to try on my mare before buying a new one. She seemed to enjoy it. We tried it with a sheepskin half pad underneath. I got the new Baretek and it looks well made. Unfortunately it is so stiff I can't put it on her comfortably. The girth straps are extremely thick and stiff. The back of the pad digs into her back and the front presses extremely hard on her withers and I don't even have the girth tight (because I can't). Did they change the manufacturing process? It feels like a different product than what I tried. I am very discouraged about my search for a saddle solution for my horse. Worst of all for me is that the only retailers of this product were in the states and there are no returns for products shipped to Canada. I have just brought the Baretek inside the house by the wood stove to try to soften it up. I placed it on the floor and I am stepping on it to try to soften it up. Wish me luck.

    Hi Sophie,
    We always notify customers that the pad needs to be broken in! It comes stiff and flat and really does need to be folded along spine and worked with for consecutive days. It also needs to be used with a thick underpad such as the Smart Panel if being used with a high withered or atrophied horse. This may also help with the curvature of spine for an older horse. The Bareteks do break in with use, but the beginning period needs work and additional padding for certain horses. That being said, I have been using my Baretek for +4 yrs. now perhaps longer with a Suberpanel and then a Smart Panel on a horse that is out of shape and now has a pronounced wither and spine. She prefers it to her saddle and comes away with no rubs or sore points.
    Just wanted to encourage you to stick with it and work that Baretek! Best regards, Karen - Just Equus

  4. Great Quality! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2012

    Z and I still LOVE our Baretek pad, and it has held up very well (it's nearly 4 years old!!) Thanks Just Equus!

  5. Very secure! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Dec 2011

    I bought this pad to use on my aging mare. I have also used it on most of my other horses. I was a little concerned about wither clearance, since the shape of the pad is rather flat, but that hasn't proven to be a problem; especially when used with an appropriate saddle pad (I use a fleece pad under mine). Comfort level for the horse has always seemed to be exceptional! What surprised me the most about the pad, is how secure it is. I've gone trailriding in mine, and all over. Other people (including beginners) I've had ride with it, really comment on the surprising feeling of security, as well. It really lets you concentrate on your riding, rather then worrying about staying on the horse. (As can often be the case when riding bareback, or with other "bareback" pads.) Love it, and would highly recommend it.

Jasons last ride at Epona Downs (04:23)
A short video of Conversano Juliana III being ridden by Gemma Dear. Their last ride before Jason left the Epona Downs facility. Jason is being ridden in the Baretek Saddle Pad
  • Jasons last ri...
    A short video of Conversano Juliana III being ridden by Gemma ...