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  • The Nurtural Bitless Bridle is popular in Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, Trails, Driving, and more!  Most horses prefer bitless to bitted bridles - wouldn't you?
  • Nutural Bitless Bridle in Tan Beta
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  • BETA Colors - standard colors:  Black & Brown.
other colors available on special order.
  • BETA Reins
  • The Nurtural “Bitless Bridle with crossover reinstrap stabilizer” is a unique design different from any other bitless bridle.
Key Features:
*  Solid Crownpiece to maintain even reins & minimum poll pressure
*  Circle-X™ holds reinstraps consistently as a loose cradle
*  Short reinstraps improve control of release
*  Textured noseband holds position & improves control
*  Adjustable Circle-X™ lets you fit bridle to YOUR horse!
*  The Nose Piece does not need to sit as low as the Dr. Cooks' Bitless Bridle and therefore allows for less restriction over the nostrils.

It is protected by 3 patents: Canadian Patent CA2522524; Worldwide Patent Pending PCT/CA2006/001597; US Patent Pending 12/066,167

Nurtural Bitless Bridle - BETA

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You will LOVE the NURTURAL BITLESS BRIDLE and so will your horse!  We studied many different bitless bridles designs and are pleased to offer the Nurtural Bitless Bridle to our customers!

We recommend the NURTURAL Bitless Bridle amongst many different makes because its design offers ideal comfort with dynamic stability.  Many bitless bridles have slow release, shift with rein pressure, create pressure points, and/or look funny.  We found the Nurtural Bitless Bridle to perform best.

Nurtural's BETA synthetic bitless bridle version is wonderfully soft and flexible - moreso than new leather.    Its soft-to-the-hand feel comes from a thick PVC coating on polyester webbing. The coating has a classic leather grain emboss pattern on the surface. Beta is washable, durable, & colourful!

Benefits of using the Nurtural Bitless Bridle:
The Nurtural Bitless Bridle improves both your relationship and your performance with your horse. Horses instantly understand the unique pressure points. They respond more quickly and understand it naturally.  Yes, you can stop too!

The Nurtural Bitless Bridle improves both the horse’s physical and mental health. There are over forty recognized diseases and ailments caused by regular or improper bitting of a horses mouth. Physical problems of bits and tight bridles are outweighed many times by behavioral problems. When horses use a Nurtural Bitless Bridle, you see immediate relaxation and improvement in their performance.

See why people say things like " ... my old horse, Shoot 17yo, who is trained in intermediate dressage and show jumping. It was not possible to regulate his rhythm: a strong intervention in the mouth made only things worst. But now, with the Nurtural bridle, he listens and the communication is much simpler. He never collected as well as he is collecting now, his flying changes have benefited as well." .........Hernan from Argentina

People from every equestrian discipline find:
Horses recognize instantly that this bridle can communicate everything the rider wants.
The Nurtural's many signals are clear and consistent.
Since this bitless is comfortable, stable, releases quickly, horses relax and work with their riders.

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And for in-depth feedback from Nurtural Customer visit this link.

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Nurtural compared to other Bitless Bridle

"I looked at all the bitless & it seems the Nurtural is the most ....
Here's how Nurtural users completed this sentence on Facebook May 11, 2011.
Rebecca Hill Whitmire
Wind Rider
Corinne Dawley
Effective. That's the word I use when describing it compared to other bitless bridles.
Andrea Tomich Ohnstad
there is no way to complete that sentence with just one word!
Sherri Ewton Raguth
Eliminate "most".....best value for your money!
Trina Kelley Church
Sherri Ewton Raguth
perfectly designed
Eleanor Sabean
Sherri Ewton Raguth
Kristen McMinn
Sherri Ewton Raguth
Diana Pyle
Sherri Ewton Raguth
Robert K. Milward
Sherri Ewton Raguth
I'm with Wind Rider & Diana, I think they are the most natural and versatile bridle available!
Heather Pow
versatile was the word I was searching for
Corinne Dawley
Kris TwoOwls Ledzius
versitile...Its actually designed with Horse and Rider in mind not just one or the other!
Shayne Gray

For in-depth feedback from Nurtural Customers please see bottom of 'Product Description' page for link.