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  • Did you know that Thinline pads are the only saddle pad endorsed by Surgeons?
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  • See the difference in pressure: without Thinline and then with Thinline!
  • Non Slip – No Impact – No Dirt – No Water – No Heat – No Skin Diseases – No Pressure

Thinline Half Pad

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The ThinLine Half Pad is one of the most shock absorptive materials for its thickness - it is only 1/4" thick! 

 The most shock absorptive material providing superior impact protection in a wafer thin product, Thinline is also Non-Slip, Breathable, does not affect saddle fit, Continual Protection (doesn't bottom out), and Durable!

 This pad will mold to your horse's shape when warmed to body temperature, and should be used on top of your regular saddle pad, directly underneath your saddle.  It does flex and move with horse so there is no pinching or pulling across the withers or spine.   This pad is ideal for well fitting or custom fitted saddles. 

The ThinLine Half Pad measures 17.25" across the shoulder, 21" long, and 13.75" in the seat and usually fits most english saddles up to 17".  If the panels on your saddle are larger than these dimensions, if you have left-right slippage problems, or jump large fences, take a look at our ThinLine Contour pads.

Made in the USA.

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What is ThinLine? (05:27)
How is ThinLine different than other horse tack products? Watch this informative video to learn more about the technology of ThinLine and how it can help you...
  • What is ThinLine?
    How is ThinLine different than other horse tack products? Watc...
  • ThinLine Ball ...
    Demonstration on ThinLine vs. competitor pads on shock absorpt...
ThinLine Technology How Tack and Saddle Pads Function:
Most equine products work on a compression basis.
They compress then spring back bouncing the rider, or like gel, move away from pressure and create sheer (movement) for the rider.
What makes ThinLine unique is its technology.
ThinLine is an open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally across the pad. Beginning as a liquid, microscopic cells are poured into a mold then polarized so each cell lies end to end creating a tunnel. Another layer is poured on top and polarized in a new direction, this process is repeated hundreds of times creating a honey comb matrix allowing impact and heat to move laterally like rings of water when you throw a stone into a quiet pond.
ThinLine’s unique texture, strength and suppleness allow it to flex and stretch over high withers, around bones, splints, girth or saddle pressure points without bottoming out e.g. reducing the amount of ThinLine in the area with the highest need of protection.
When warmed to body temperature ThinLine products will conform to the horses back, leg or girth area supporting tendons, muscles and relieving pressure on crowns, noses and girth areas. When returned to room temperature 75F, it returns to its original shape.
The life span of this product is typically 7-9 years